The Mammarelli Story

Cheshire based brand Mammarelli was created in 2018, by two sisters Joanna and Alexandra. Fitness enthusiast Jo, who worked with professional sports teams and struggled to find quality gym wear that looked fashionable during her first pregnancy, teamed up with her sister Ali, a personal trainer and former buyer. So it felt like they had the perfect combination of skills and fire in their bellies to develop a new range. The pair have spent months developing a collection that has been technically designed with sophisticated versatility in mind to support women’s bodies transitioning through pregnancy, nursing and beyond with effortless style and comfort.
The best things always seem to come when you’re least expecting it.
The idea began when Jo was having a bad day with her baby boy and Ali joked about her unflattering outfit choice which pushed her over the edge… and so Mammarelli was born.
Whether it’s in the gym or running around after kids, we want you to look elegant in our comfortable and functional clothes. Our brand is about great fitting athleisurewear keeping you looking chic and feeling great whilst giving you the subtle option to nurse on the move if needed.
Because being a mum is hard enough.
Exercising when pregnant has so many health benefits for both mother and baby and it’s equally important that you feel confident exercising at such a crucial time when you’re physically and mentally going through a lot of change. We know motherhood is an extreme sport, which is why you need the right activewear to perform at your best and give you one less thing to worry about!!
Mammarelli’s capsule collection includes leggings, t-shirts, and jumpers, all of which have been specifically designed to be worn both pre and post natally.
We hope you like our collection!